Wednesday, January 04, 2006

O'hum,another Day,another Miracle

For first time readers,my name is Doug and I am an Alcoholic and Drug Addict.I am also an Adult Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse. CLEAN AND SOBER 18 MONTHS TODAY!(Jan4th/06)(but whose counting?)That is how long it as been since my death,and then my miraculous revival,and the Inspiration for PHOENIX,now I invite you to read:

O'hum,another Day,another Miracle!
An event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin or an act of God,so sayeth my best friend

If you were to ask the average North American if they believe that Miracles have occurred in the past,the overwhelming majority will respond on the positive side,some surveys place it as high as 93%.A recent Harris Poll shows some interesting things.When asked if they believe Miracles are still occurring,that 93% drops dramatically especially in those with higher education,down to a low of 65%

It would seem they are willing to believe in such things as Jesus being Resurrected,but feel that they are too intelligent to think that anything unexplained is a Miracle,simply something that is unexplained.If you were to swear to them that you have experienced a Miracle,most will think of you as either a charlatan=a fraud artist,liar,swindler,crook,or you are just plain crazy.Well,I have been both of those things!which do you want to pick?Charlatan?
I have done enough time thank you,I fear no man,or prison for that matter,but for the first time I have a family I feel connected to,I would not do anything to jeopardize that.

I have returned,literally from the dead,as a clean,sober and honest man,one who as finally allowed the Lord to be his guide and confidant.
I am back kind reader,you no longer need fear me,I will no longer rob from you.I will no longer sell drugs to your wife,husband,brother,sister and definitely your not to your children.I will not tempt your wife or girlfriend,the cheque that I write is good ,my word can be trusted.That should be called a Miracle!I will however refrain from doing so!
I have returned literally from the dead to be re-united with my children and society.I will now attempt to make them and you,and especially God proud of me.
If there is an injustice,if there is corruption,if there is cruelty,let me help you fight your causes.If it is abuse or addiction issues I have created THE ABUSE END NOW!
If it is a legal issue I have created THE VIEW FROM OUTSIDE-articles and essays pertaining to the Justice system,all through the unique perspective as someone who as been on both sides of the law.

When I injected that last slam of morphine,I thought I would never awake,though it was not a suicide attempt,(or was it,brought on by memory of my abuser?)I can no longer be sure,my memory of that event is nearly all but gone.I had ODed and I think I remember that I felt my self going,fade to black and then....It was over two weeks before my mind was well enough to even know how to use the bedpan.I was told that I had been dead for so long they expected permanent brain damage(no laughing!) and that it would take at least six months of extensive therapy before I would be able to even speak properly,let alone learn how to walk again.I didn't like that prognoses so,like the song says(yes,I know I changed the word on purpose) I just did me some talking to the Son,said I didn't like the way things got done!Sleeping on the Job,yep,I just did me some talking to the SON ,what happened next is a True Miracle (sorry,you will just have to go there and read for yourself) Perhaps also read from InnerTalk self help site(sponsor)

Since I am neither in prison or the grave,it is time for payback,I owe society more then just the time she demanded of me.I will get back to that in a bit.I have hopefully convinced you of my honesty and aversion to any more illegal activities.Having established that,if I were to tell you of yet another Miracle happening to me,and you are convinced of my sincerity,you may then think that I just plain nuts.Crazy person,hide the children,crazy one-eyed man is coming!
When I stop to think about it going crazy sounds like it could be fun,just think,I could say anything to anybody,and as long as they knew of my "condition",do silly things,wear silly clothes,stand on street corners wearing signs proclaiming the end times,but asking for money to put in my retirement fund!(actually saw that one once)Also,if I was insane,then I would not be so worried about something.Worried perhaps is not the right word,scared senseless might be the more appropriate phrase.

What do I fear?and why?and why all this preamble?The preamble is just to bring first time readers a little understanding of what I am all about,and to point out that a few Miracles have occurred in my life.I am amazed that I was Chosen to be the receipent of these Miracles,and I do not feel worthy.Therefore,I must make myself worthy!If only I can over come this fear I have.
What do I fear?
GOD! or more correctly,what God is Calling me to do.I will for the sake of space and to avoid repetition direct you to something I wrote in one of my other sites,THE ROAD DOWN.There is a piece called ANOTHER FEAR TO OVERCOME where I talk about what I feel God is telling me to do.Please read it,you need not read the whole piece,just scroll down to where you see God written in large bold letters.I no longer think He is Calling to me,I think He is SCREAMING at me! Go read about my fear,then I will explain.I will wait here,K?

Back already?man you read fast!
Okay,you have suffered enough.I will now tell you,that YES,another MIRACLE as occurred in my life.This is a strange one,one I am sure many of you will set out to explain by other means,and I welcome any ideas you may have.I must admit,there is a large part of me that would love to find out that there is a perfectly logical explanation,and that you have a solution to stop what is happening.

Jesus Christ.url mean anything to you?It is not a real net address,that is plain.If you type it into your address box and hit GO(at least in my IE browser(Windows XP with SP2 and ALL upgrades and security updates) it will take you to which of course a Google search page.Trust me,I have visited every site listed!
WHY?What am I talking about?
First I apologize for the caliber of my writing,this piece is lacking even my somewhat limited ability to write in a pleasing manner,this seems lame when held up against my other work.Perhaps because I am so overwhelmed by what is going on here,let me try and explain.
Whenever an address is entered manually into my address window,it stays listed on a drop down for easy returns to that site.I use it all the time.Ever so often I clear the list as it just gets to long,and it is hard to find the most oft used.
YES,I know how to clear it,have done so many times,did so New Years Eve.Blank drop down.Out of habit,I hit it open,and it was blank,but when I released it back up this words appeared EXACTLY as written Jesus Christ.url
I have NEVER entered that phrase.NOBODY as ever sat at this chair but me and my daughter(who is 30,and DID NOT plant it!)
As an experiment,I entered some new addresses.Went to Tools,Internet Options-clear history etc.Again,blank drop down,as it should be.Release drop down Jesus Christ.url
By now I am FREAKED,but still holding on to the hope that it is a glitch.I have Nortons,Mircosoft,Google's,Yahoo's and Spybot.I have NEVER opened a strange attachment.I went in and deleted all my cookies,history,temporary files,not once but at least four times I have done all of these things.After I did all of that,plus running scans for virus and spyware,I did it all again.Then again,and every few hours for the last three days!

Jesus Christ.url this is not a prank,not a joke,I invite witnesses to view it themselves.Short of wiping my harddrive,I have done everything to remove it.I no longer want it removed,not until I have had enough witnesses,and even then I would love for it to stay as a permanent reminder.If you know someone in Saskatoon Canada,put them in touch with me if you want confirmation of this manifestation.
I have asked many others,listened to everyone's advise.Everything you can think of as been done.This is not a virus,not a worm or any other computer malfunction.Nor was it somehow programmed in by me or any one else.It just is.Period.End of Story.Jesus Christ.url
It keeps reappearing,and please excuse me,for now I must PRAY!

As usual I invite your comments and will publish the good with the bad.I will however delete any spammers,please do not even try and get me to promote with you,under you or over you.Neither your product or your proposal interests me.I will visit your sites if your comment is relative to this post and not just another copied/pasted piece of drivel.
I love looking at sites that earn revenue from Go gle ads,I like to learn as much as I can about word placement etc.If any of you find information from any of the sponsors that you found particularly useful,I would love to hear about it.My favorite mail is the ones I have received saying that they were genuinely helped because of one the ads that Go gle or Crisp provided,that makes them doubly rewarding.So,until the next time,God Bless you all,please tell your friends of my sites.Thank you.

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction are beatable.I am living proof!There is help out there!If you need a start,email me and I will do my best to help.I have an on line support group for addicts,and there is room for you in it!If you were a victim of Sexual Abuse,there is no reason for guilt or shame,as those are just other forms of abuse.let THE ABUSE END NOW! Parents be informed,know the warning signs that your child may be being abused.DRUGS KILL! ALCOHOL IS A DRUG!Please if drugs or alcohol are causing a problem in your life,seek help.It can be done!